During the Shoot

I will be directing you throughout the course of your shoot. So don't worry about what to do! The only thing you need to do is be present in the here and now. Don't worry if your hair has fallen out of place - that's my job! If there is ever a time that you feel stiff or tense, feel free to shake it out, shout it out, dance it out...whatever your process is. I will probably stream music during the shoot anyway, so think ahead about what artist or album you might enjoy listening to and that taps into your happy place.

Facial stretching exercises before the shoot are also a good idea. You will feel the difference. And you will be a more expressive channel for the camera! On another note, you should know that we will be shooting high-grade digital pictures. This means I will be shooting up to two-hundred pictures or more. Don't worry about getting it right on every shot. The important thing is that you remain free and let yourself be without judgment or self awareness. I may ask you to stand in a certain spot and turn your head a certain direction. This does not mean you have to freeze and stop breathing! Just remember to take a deep breath and think of the camera as your friend! I guarantee it will love you for it.